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We’re ONE! No idea how that happened… oh wait, that’s right, its because all of you made it happen! Thank you so much to everyone who’s browsed, bought, mentioned, or subconsciously thought nice thoughts in our direction. We really appreciate it.

New Comics, and 1 week until a big, big day! | Impossible Books »

No old jokes please, we’re merely more mature…

Okay, we’re drooping a little, but the comics are fresh, from Your Days Are Numbered, Hazel Newlevant, and Alec Longstreth. Basically, its comics renegades, beauty in form and feel, and the supreme relatability of guilty pleasures. Can’t go wrong, right?

New Comics, from us, for you! | Impossible Books »

Monday means new comics, and they’re a scrappy bunch this week: Cody Pickrodt channels his existential fight/flight energy in Reptile Museum #1, 2 & 3; Michel Fiffe goes Magic City in Copra #15; and Madeleine Flores brings the blow by blow for the would-be Kings of the Forest, with Bear, Bird and Stag… from Retrofit! Whew…

El Gato de la Muerta »

Featuring the work of Tae Eun Yoo, Tory Sica, Jen Tong, Aya Kakeda, Kim Sielbeck, Cat-a-gory-9, and Chris Butzer; this opening chapter of the first grand kitty-luchadores epic of the 21st century will redefine your thoughts on our feline friends.